Girl About Town by Granny Goose GGD-GAT

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For the 18" doll

Sometimes the weather is just right for a day on the town shopping.  You don't want to go too dressy but you don't want to wear the everyday stuff either. That is why every girl need a goingtotowntodostuff dress.  Girl About Town is just that sort of dress. You can do it on plain fabric or do it as I did with a sheer overlay. Dress it up or down. Leave off the belt, add a scarf, jellies or sandals.. If your machine can do larger then 5x7 there is a short cut for you, two skirt panels can be sewn at a time and both back bodice pieces. These are already saved in a larger hoop size for you.

The set includes the embroidery designs for the 5x7 hoop to do the skirt panels, front bodice, both back bodice and sleeve pieces and the cut out patterns to do the parts that are overlaid.  This is a delightful but very busy design that would look well in solid or multi colored threads.  You can always make it a special occassion dress too.  Anybody want to go shopping with me?

These patterns and designs are created by Granny Goose Designs exclusively for Embroidery Passbook

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